ArtsEverywhere is a platform for artistic experimentation and exploration of the fault lines of modern society. It creates open spaces for dialogue about the value that the arts bring to all aspects of our communities and societies—not only from the points of view of artists, cultural workers, and arts institutions, but also globally from the perspectives of policy makers, ecologists, children, city builders, social justice leaders, farmers, educators, and activists.

ArtsEverywhere believes that the arts must be a central component of individual and collective experiences of the world and a vital part of all social and political processes, including governance, justice, activism, economies, and education.

The fault lines of modernity are now the roadmap of societies and ecologies under extreme duress. But as news cycles churn like white water cascades and the median human attention span diminishes, so many important stories fall into the obscurity of the widening margins. It becomes hard to remember or reimagine how art might be more than decoration, a leisure item, or entertainment, concentrated in urban centres and inaccessible institutions. It is here in the rapids that ArtsEverywhere locates itself.

ArtsEverywhere was founded in 2016 by Musagetes, an international philanthropic foundation based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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