drafts of performance PRIVATE ROOM_transfleshionbody make up

with Dudu Quintanilha, Eidglar Xavier, Glamour Garcia, Alex Cassimiro,Natália Lima Castro. Collab Dani Favaretto, Rafael Pessanha, Pedro Gallego

research started in SP, at Red Bull Station Artist Residence, 2014
continuing in post master programa of A.PASS – Advanced Performing And Scenography Studies – Bruxelles, BE, 2015.

PRIVATE ROOM_transflashion body make up experiment – teaser
dudu quintanilha, eidglas xavier, glamour garcia, mavi veloso
collab: alex cassimiro, dani favaretto, natália lima castro, pedro galego, rafael pessanha
project started inside artist residence Red Bull Station, São Paulo/BR, 2014
currently in research as part of post master in a.pass (Advanced Performing & Scenography Studies), Brussels/BE, 2015/16