TravaLíngua, How to talk like a girl, the easiest way

Remakes de videos treinamentos para transição da voz ou feminização da voz em transgêneros homem para mulher.
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projeto tRaVaLínGUa | #iwannamakerevolution | TRANSformação cursinho São Paulo | | Cidade Queer City São Paulo | ArtsEverywhere | Musagetes | Sandberg Instituut

feedback #4 – ID, Sandberg Instituut

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round 2

round 3

This session was done inside assessments at Sandberg Instituut as a workshop/workgroup with master research fellows and tutors.
A talk show game was proposed to the group to develop voice characters to be spoken, recorded, acted and reenacted by one another. Ex: person 1 developped the voice character, person 2 repeat/mime the voice person 1 created, and in the end person 3 mimed person 2 miming person 1.

feedback #3 Mavi to Tina Escarlatina


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feedback #1 – openstage mov/sandberg at rongwrong

1st OPEN STAGE – songs of innocence
monthly meetings made by Master of Voice Sandberg Instituut at RongWrong gallery, Amsterdam

Nesta Sessão fizemos uma workshop performance. Participantes escolhidos do público presente no evento falavam e usavam as vozes e tons de voz uns dos outros para imitar, replicar e estudar diferentes texturas de voz.

At this session we did a workshop performance. Some participants chosen from the audience were speaking and using each other’s voices and pitch to mime and reply studying different textures of voice.

feb 23, 2017