Quase Show

*photo made with fragments of scanners from photoperformance series fingerprints / #iwannamakerevolution project

almost music, almost performance, it’s almost show. Almost human, almost pervert, almost in love, almost a happy soul. The woman to come, the male between, transgressive asshole, caressing us all. Two thousand sixteen, two thousand seventeen, the man and machine, the cyber to grow.
Almost testo almost show almost cunt almost vagina almost feet almost my head almost nude almost my name if i am gone almost come back know not to say if should i stay i’m getting hungry stand up still and lie down back I’ll speak a silly word know not to say if should i go know not to say if should i stay if should i stay if should i stay I’mma stand still i’ll open fridge I get a pan know not to cook almost a day almost a night i’m getting sick hey Mary Jay where’s Sister Kay i hear your sound thanks for the words I’m almost sick almost with bombs up on my head I’ll have some tea and almost sleep tomorrow I’ll see you almost morning almost day know not to say if should I stay if should i go if should i stay if i am gone almost come back if i go home i’ll show my way know not to say if should i go if i’ll be back i’ll never say


Quase Show is a musical performance intertwining dance theater sketches (scores for these actions are constantly being generated, see here some: iwmr book) with original tracks and some covers (Grace Jones, Hercules & Love Affair, Jessica 6, Mark Ronson & Business Intl etc).

It is a research idealized with Caio and Mavi during coffee and cigarette conversations in Brussels. Later joined by Gabi Vanzetta and Maria Tereza Próspero in São Paulo. Now Mavi assumes temporarily some solo constructions, personal narratives, incursions and experiments.

Quase in portuguese stands to almost. We start to sing without knowing how to make music, to make fiction and to tell the truth. It’s about learning while doing. While we almost exist in a normative society, full of systems to control we shout to produce vibration, vibrating body (Suely Rolnik/Lygia Clark). We appropriate other’s voices, listening and miming to gain and give voice. It comes with the desire to speak out. It comes as statement and as manifest, an anthropophagic, transphagic (re)action. It comes from personal experience and observation of contexts. It talks about marginal, stranger, foreigner, trans, queer bodies and the displacements of it. And the replacements of it.

feedback #1 – openstage mov/sandberg at rongwrong

1st OPEN STAGE – songs of innocence
monthly meetings made by Master of Voice Sandberg Instituut at RongWrong gallery, Amsterdam

Nesta Sessão fizemos uma workshop performance. Participantes escolhidos do público presente no evento falavam e usavam as vozes e tons de voz uns dos outros para imitar, replicar e estudar diferentes texturas de voz.

At this session we did a workshop performance. Some participants chosen from the audience were speaking and using each other’s voices and pitch to mime and reply studying different textures of voice.

feb 23, 2017


Penny 4 a tranny video

Made in collab with bitches mobile cams / order of appearance:
mavi, Raphael Daibert, Enad Marouf, Billy Bultheel, Dennis van Wanrooij, Leonardo Camarcio, Vivienne Bessette.


if you find me on street
with yellow high heels
very long red dress
walking back & forwards
here and there, going nowhere
would you give me a penny?!

you meet me in a corner
waving hands someone never there
licking fingers strawberry
I thinks it’s gonna rain
oh God, how i wish to become and ostrich
would you gimme a penny?!

if you go to supermarket
you buy a lot of things
but when you go cashier
you don’t find money to pay
would you stay awake
or just make a pocker face
Elza! Elza! Elza Elza Elza!

Ok, so you travel somewhere in Europe
with a very nice sunset
living life is such a paradise
you Italian dick is amazing
by the way bitch, i’m HIV positive
hurry up and gimme my penny!!

if you meet me in Canarian Islands
with a black moustache
my best diamonds bracelet
and a beautiful horney bikini
shall i propose a manifest against capitalist system
in all its forms,
or you better just gimme a penny?!

my honey will use me
and then will abuse me
tomorrow i call him and maria bethania will send me a letter

Are you gonna gimme a penny?
A penny for a tranny?!

that’s all i want, that’s all i need
a little bit of penny could maybe make me rich bitch

i bit the apple

video clip part of research temporary (un)titled / or / POP CORN HAUTE COULTURE
one fragment of performative experiments currently on going inside post master program at A.PASS Brussels/BE.
mavi veloso © 2015