Trans Opera, van Abbemuseum

Trans Opera, van Abbemuseum

Trans Opera at the van Abbemuseum
Why am I here? September 15th, 2018,

With perfomers Sanni Est and Tina Escarlatina

songs in order of appearance:
Prisioneira do amor by Rita Lee
Tinder match by Sanni Est
Puro/Duro by Glenn Ryszko & Mavi Veloso
Mutante by Rita Lee

Video: Thiemi Higashi
Assistent: Petinho Tichelaar
Costumes by Gustavo Silvestre

#TruqueTrrrah is part of project #iwannamakerevolution and it was project at APASS, research at Master of Voice at the Sandberg Insitituut in Amsterdam, and it is project in residency at

Many thanks to Interviews: Sanni Est, Pollux Frei, Aerea Negrot, Geo Wyeth, Sladka Jerônimo, Íka Eloah, Lucy Lazuli. Tutors at Master of Voice Sandberg Instituut: Marnie Slater, Lisette Smits, Dorothé Orczyk, Snejanka Mihaylova, Paul Elliman, Amelia Groom. Special thanks during research: Caio, Raphael Daibert, Danilo Sorrino, Collab Light Design: Eidglas Xavier, Projeto TravaLíngua, Cursinho Popular Transformação,, ArtsEverywhere/Musagetes, Queer B-Cademy, Danny Banany/Daniel Chelminiak, van Abbemuseum and curators in the program “Why am I here” Julius Thissen, Alice Venir.